Welcome to Alpha Montessori

A frontier to face all challengers.  Alpha Montessori is a frontier in Montessori education and early childhood education. We will help shape children  through their own well being to face the adventures in their lives and become self-confident, caring citizens of the world. They have the freedom to choose their own work, use their own judgment and enhance their imagination and ability. Children at our center are encouraged to reach their fullest potential as they grow respect for themselves, others and our earth. 


We also provide a wide range of extra curriculum activities, other than the 5 area of work in Montessori (Practical Life, Sensory, Math, Culture and Language).  This curriculum includes: Story/drama, Science, Geography, Music/Dance, Arts/Crafts and Sensory Integration(physical education).


Thank you for choosing Alpha as one of your school options.  We look forward to becoming a partner in your child's development.

Best Wishes,

Alpha Montessori